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The NREGA job card list has been officially released on the online portal. Interested beneficiaries of the country want to see the NREGA card list and their name in that list, then they can easily see it online by visiting the official website of MGNREGA. The MNREGA Yojna (MNREGA Yojna), run by the Central Government, is a government scheme entirely focused on employment. Using NREGA Job Card List 2021, you can see the complete list of people in your village / city who will be working under MGNREGA in the upcoming financial year.

MNREGA job new announcement

The Finance Minister of our country Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the second installment of the package of 20 lakh crore rupees on Thursday.In this announcement, the Finance Minister has said that under the MNREGA job scheme, the migrant laborers of the country who caused the lock down.

 The other states were trapped in another state and now they have returned to their village, the amount of Rs 182 daily received in the MGNREGA was increased to Rs 202 daily for the migrant laborers who returned to their villages. Under this scheme, 14.6 crore man-days of work have been done by the government till 13 May i.e. 14.62 crore man-days of work have been made available till 13 May 2020. A provision of Rs 10,000 crore was made for this work so that the migrant laborers who came back could get work.

NREGA List 2021 - NREGA Job Card List

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 MGNREGA provides job cards to the poor families of the country which contains all the information about the work done by the job card holder or NREGA beneficiary. A new NREGA card is prepared for the beneficiaries. If you also want to get NREGA Job Card 2021, then you can apply online. Any candidate who fulfills the eligibility and criteria of NREGA can apply for NREGA Job Card.

Chhattisgarh ranks first under MNREGA scheme

The target of providing 13.50 crore man days of employment in the budget for the financial year 2020–21 was set under the MNREGA scheme. This goal was aimed at strengthening the rural economy due to the lockdown during the Corona transition. 66% of this target was achieved in the 3 months of the beginning of the financial year. Chhattisgarh ranks first in the country in providing employment under MNREGA. In Chhattisgarh, a target was set to generate 15 crore man-days of employment in the financial year 2020–21. Against which, employment of 150684000 man days has been provided in Chhattisgarh.
In Chhattisgarh, more than 107% of the target has been achieved by the Government of Chhattisgarh under MGNREGA. West Bengal is at the second position with a target of 105%, Assam and Bihar are at the third position with a target of 104% and Orissa is at the fourth position with a target of 103%.
More than Rs 2617 crore has been paid to MNREGA laborers so far. Bilaspur district in Chhattisgarh ranks first in providing employment under MNREGA. More than 131% of the target has been achieved in Bilaspur district. In view of this success, the government has been requested to increase the target to 15 crore man-days in the coming financial year

NREGA Job Card List 2021 Highlight

Name of the scheme: - NREGA Job Card List 2021

Started by: - By the Central Government

Beneficiary: - NREGA job card holders of all states

Department: - Ministry of Rural Department Government of India

Listing Method: - Online

Official website: -

NREGA job card list some main things

1. The main objective of the NREGA scheme is to provide employment to every citizen of India. Under this scheme, 100 days of assured work is provided to each NREGA job card holder in a financial year.
2. The MGNREGA scheme is being operated by the Government of India for the last 14 years. This year 1.3 crore new NREGA job cards have been provided to the workers by the Government of India as compared to the previous year and under this scheme 1 crore families have worked under the NREGA scheme this year.
3. Last year, the average employment of a family under the NREGA scheme was 48 days, which has now become 41 days. By November 30, 2020, 17 lakh families have completed 100 days of employment but by November last year 40.6 lakh families had completed work. Allotting 324 crores day by November 30, according to the official website by the central government is.
4. At present, the process of awarding work under this scheme is conducted through a software called Secure.

Increased salary under NREGA

The central government has increased the salary provided to unskilled laborers under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Scheme. Earlier, under the NREGA, the salary was ₹ 209 per year, which has now been increased to ₹ 303.40. The government will provide this additional amount from the Sundergarh District Mineral Institute Fund. In view of the global epidemic of Kovid-19, the increase in jobs under NREGA is being added by the government. So that the workers do not have to face any kind of trouble.

New 46 thousand laborers of UP will be given employment in MNREGA

As you know, the central government is making every effort to provide employment to the workers of the country. Taking this effort forward, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath Ji has made a new announcement under this MNREGA scheme, in this announcement, the Yogi government has decided to deploy 46 thousand new personnel under MNREGA before the panchayat elections. Under this scheme, 25 thousand women will be given employment out of these 46 thousand. Under this scheme, 25 thousand women will be given the job of mate. In the work of MAT, women will have to report the attendance and work of the laborers involved in MGNREGA. 7200 rupees will be given to the women of this work every month by the UP government and an amount of 6 thousand rupees will be provided to 21 thousand employment servants every month.

History of MNREGA scheme

The NREGA scheme was presented by PV Narasimha Rao's government in 1991. Subsequently, the scheme was approved by both the parliaments and the NREGA scheme was launched in 625 districts across India. The NREGA scheme was published in the World Development Report 2014. In which it was stated that unskilled laborers are provided employment through this scheme. Through the scheme that a lot of employment opportunities arise. The NREGA scheme has been described by the World Bank as a classic example of rural development.

NREGA job card list objectives

Through the job card, people in rural areas are provided with minimum 100 days of guaranteed skilled employment every year. Through which the economic condition of unemployed people improves and they become self-sufficient. Due to the NREGA job card available online, people can now download their NREGA job card through the Internet from home and can also see their name in the NREGA job card list.

Facilities available on the official website of NREGA

1.Application for job card

2.NREGA job card download

3.Labor payment status

4.Knowledge of the work to be done under NREGA


NREGA Job Card 2021

In this card, the Government of India is added to the poor families of every village, every city. Those citizens who fulfill the eligibility prescribed by the government get the job card. The poor people of the country can also download this MNREGA card online . NREGA Job Card Scheme provides employment to many poor families. So that they can improve their economic condition. If you also come under this scheme then you can check your name NREGA Job Card List 2021. Under this scheme, the Finance Minister of the country has said that the government will now provide an additional Rs 40,000 crore to MNREGA for providing employment incentives. Will allocate. The first budget estimate for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) was Rs 61,000 crore.

Process to view NREGA job card account balance

At present, there is no process to check the account balance under NREGA. If any process of checking the account balance by the government will be activated on the official website, then we will definitely inform you through this article. For this, you have to be attached to this article of ours.

Work to be done under NREGA

1. Gaushal construction work

2. Plantation work

3. Housing Construction Work

4. Navigation work

5. Loft Work

6. Irrigation work etc.

MNREGA job card eligibility

1. Applicant must be a permanent resident of India.

2. Under this scheme, the age of the applicant should be 18 years or more.

3. Applicants must volunteer for unskilled labor.

4. Ration card

5. Aadhar Card

6. Passport size photograph

7. mobile number

8. Address proof

9. Age certificate

10. income certificate

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