20 unheard of bizarre facts of North Korea // Top facts about North Korea in English 2021

20 unheard of bizarre facts of North Korea // Top facts about North Korea in Hindi 2021

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 Do you think you are not happy in your country?

 So today I am going to tell you about such a country and you will feel sad for the people of the place by listening to the rules and laws of the place.  Today we are going to talk about the only country in the world where dictatorship continues even today.  And that is North Korea.  And North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  It runs its country more arbitrarily than law and rule.  And because of this, the general public has to face a lot of problems.  People of the whole world believe that if there is hell on earth, then it is in North Korea.

 So let's say 20 such rules that you will hate by listening to the rules of that country.

20 Unknown Bizarre Facts of North Korea: -

 1. According to the law of North Korea, if a person is found reading the Bible, he is sentenced to death only and only.

 2. The general public of North Korea is not allowed to use the internet, where the government and Kim Jong-only and their employees are provided internet facility.

 3. People of North Korea are not allowed to wear jeans pants whether it is female or male and if anyone is found wearing jeans pants, they are punished severely. Because North Korea believes that this is the culture of America and the people of Korea do not promote any culture of America.

 4. You will be surprised to know one thing of North Korea that people there cannot get their favorite haircutting whether it is male or female there are 28 hairstyles for women and 10 for men. And the people of North Korea have to keep their hairstyles according to the law. But this rule does not apply to the dictator Kim Jong there and he can keep the hairstyle as he wishes and it is said that no normal person can keep a hairstyle like Kim Jong Un in his country.

 5. If you think that the sentence of 50 to 60 years is too much, then you will be surprised to hear the punishment of North Korea. In North Korea, there is a long sentence and they have to suffer the punishment of one person for their three generations.

 6. Any country needs a law and a leader to run, similarly in North Korea, elections are held for the needs of the country and it happens once every 5 years in which there is only one candidate and that is Kim Jong Un. Because no candidate dares to contest against Kim Jong Un. The rule in North Korea runs like that of the King Maharajas.

 7. North Korea is the only country in the world that has openly challenged the US for war and they have captured the ship of the US Navy.

 8. North Korea's most brutal ruler is Kim Jong Un. It is called cruel because it killed its uncle by feeding 120 dogs alive.

 9. If a tourist goes to visit North Korea, then the guide of his country is always with him. And it rotates the country and no tourist can talk to the people of there. And in North Korea, the place of any tourist's place has been fixed by the government of there and any tourist can only roam where the government of Korea wants to roam a tourist. Because the government of North Korea does not want to show anything about its country to any country.

 10. It is not allowed to take photographs of the poor in North Korea because the poorest people live in North Korea and the government of there keeps this thing secret.

 11. In North Korea, the general public is also prohibited from buying cars. It is said that only rich people and government employees are allowed to buy cars.

 12. In North Korea, the school has to buy the table and other education related items themselves. In addition to studying in school, cleanliness is also done to the children of there. And if a rich man has a child, he does not have to do cleanup because he takes special bribe from them by taking bribe from them.

 13. Only the successful and rich people live in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, or the government jobbers can live in this city. Others have to live outside the capital. Not all people have equal rights in North Korea.

 14. Television shows only three channels in North Korea. And those channels work completely under the government and the government decides what people have to show on those channels and what not. Most of North Korea's own news and Kim Jong Un's bridges are tied on these channels. There is no private channel here.

 15. People of North Korea cannot go out of their country nor can they settle in any other country. People from North Korea are not granted visas, so they only have to stay in their country.

 16. Many tourists who went missing in North Korea were given lengthy punishments for speaking out against the people there and inciting them against their government.

 17. In North Korea, more than 50% of the population lives in extreme poverty.

 But 99% of the people of North Korea are educated, which is the best thing there.

 18. North Korea has a complete exemption on things like hemp and alcohol.

 In North Korea, too much alcohol is drunk.

 19. Today the year 2021 is going on all over the world but the calendar of North Korea is completely different. The year 110 is still running in North Korea. The year began with the birth anniversary of Kim Il-sung, the predecessor of Korea.

 20. North Korea does not have any traffic lights on any small roads or highways. Police personnel in North Korea control vehicles by gesture।

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20 unheard bizarre facts about North Korea
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